Push 2: New features in Live 9.6

  • Live Versions: 9.6
  • Operating System: ALL

Arrangement Recording

Since Live 9.6, holding Shift lets you use the Record button to activate the Global Record button, in order to record into arrangement.

The Record button on Push will reflect the recording state. It will pulse when Global  Record is active, and will be lit permanently when Session Record is active.

Browsing samples

It is now possible to load and hotswap samples also in audio tracks:

  • select an audio track
  • enter "Clip" mode on Push
  • press "Browse"

If the currently selected Clip Slot is empty, Push will let you load a sample into the respective slot. If the slot already contains an audio Clip, it will be swapped with the sample of choice.

Additionally, browsing is even faster, in that it is now possible to load the default instance of an instrument, without needing to enter its presets folder. Furthermore, when a preset is loaded, the Load button will change to "Load next", and a "Load Previous" button will also appear.

Session View

When a Clip is playing back in Session view, this will now pulse in its own color on Push 2 Session mode. Previously, all playing Clips would pulse in green.


"Solo", "Mute" and "Stop Clips" can now be locked, in order to allow muting / soloing tracks, bypassing devices and stopping Clips with only one hand. Hold one of these buttons for a few seconds in order to lock it: a notification will appear on the Push display to confirm the locked state.

While "Mute" is locked, devices are bypassed with a single button press. While in this state, hold "Shift" in order to select devices from Push without bypassing them.

Additionally, in Mix mode, the meters now change color as they do in Live, when for example clipping (red), or when the channel is being routed to "Sends only" (purple).

Modes switching

Both User and Scales modes can now be entered momentarily: if one of these modes is entered by holding the respective button, Push will return to the previously active mode upon releasing it.


The Scale Layouts are now available in Push 2 as well. Additionally, these layouts have been improved.

The up/down and left/right arrows can now be used to toggle between different scales while in Scales mode.

Simpler / Devices

The zooming behavior for Simpler (as for audio Clips) has been completely reworked, improving the way zooming happens on the focused / last touched  element (start/end marker, slice).

A zoom overview indicates graphically the amount of zoom and the relative position within the sample, whereas before a numeric value was used.

When choosing a new pad, device selection is now correctly remembered, and the last used device bank is recalled each time.

When Simpler is in Slicing mode, you can now use the touch strip to send pitch bend messages or modulation messages to the device, the same as with melodic instruments.

Furthermore, a control for changing the filter slope between 12 and 24dB has been added to Auto Filter and to the filter sections in Simpler, Sampler and Operator.

Drum Racks

Live 9.6.1 introduced the ability of transposing a pad from Push. A Transpose parameter appears in device view, after selecting a pad, and this transposes the note which is being sent to the device loaded inside. For example, if a Simpler in Classic mode is loaded into the pad, the transpose knob will alter its pitch. If a Simpler in Slicing mode is used instead, a different Slice will be played back.

Browsing for sounds to load into empty pads is now easier, in that pressing "Browse" after selecting a pad prompts you to load a sound for this pad: before, by default the whole Drum Rack would be swapped.

Furthermore, the Drum Rack pads will blink while hotswapping, to indicate if the whole rack or rather a single pad is being swapped.