Saving plug-in parameter configurations

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  • Operating System: All

Plug-ins with up to 64 parameters will get configured automatically. If a plug-in has more than 64 parameters, you need to configure which ones you want to see, edit, or automate manually in Configure Mode.

  1. Load a plug-in.
  2. Unfold Configure Mode (the triangle shaped icon).
  3. Enable Configure Mode to add parameters and rearrange them.
  4. Right-click on the plug-in device title bar and select "Save as Default Configuration" from the context menu.
  5. The parameter configuration will be saved as a default for the plug-in.Screen_Shot_2018-01-23_at_14.15.47.png

Note: Saving a default configuration does not save the current state of the plug-in. To save a specific preset or state, group the plug-in to a Rack and save the Rack to your User Library.

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