Drum Racks and Slicing produce no sound

  • Live Versions: 9.5 and later
  • Operating System: All

When using Slicing Mode in Simpler with Drum Racks, it may be possible that no sound is produced.

This is because when hitting a Drum Pad only a single MIDI note is passed to instrument within the Drum Rack. This is usually set automatically in the Drum Rack I/O Section: 


When the new Simpler is in Classic or 1-Shot mode, the sample will playback normally. But when in Slice mode, only one MIDI note is sent through to the instrument, resulting in silence or if configured otherwise, a single Slice sounding. 

To resolve this:

For best results make sure to give Simpler a Track of its own when using Slice mode. If there is a Drum Rack feature you wish to use, then use Live's 'Convert to Drum Rack' option.