Enabling Link in Live

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

1. Connect your computers/devices to the same network. If there is no internet connection available you can use one of these offline methods

Note: In case you are using a Lightning cable connection as an offline method, activating iOS in 'Audio MIDI setup' switches the connection mode of the iOS and deactivates Link. We recommend using a network-based connection in case you need to send or receive audio via iOS.

2. In Live, open Preferences -> Link MIDI and ensure that "Show Link Toggle" is selected.


3. Then enable Link by clicking its button on the far left of Live's control Bar. If there are any other Link-enabled devices on the same network their count will be displayed here.
Link Bar.png

Please note: the Link toggle button cannot be midi- or key-mapped. It must be toggled with the mouse.


Link Indicator


If at least one other Link-enabled app or instance of Live is connected, the Arrangement Position display will show a moving “progress bar” whenever Live’s transport is not running. This bar is a representation of the Live Set’s global launch quantization in relation to that of the other participants in the Link session. After you trigger playback, Live will wait until this bar is filled before starting.


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