Using Push 1 with the latest version of Live

Push 1 is compatible with all supported versions of Live.

Push 1 includes all updated Push features available within Push 1's hardware specifications. Not all features implemented specifically for Push 2 and Push 3 are supported on Push 1.

Updates for Push 1 in the latest Live version

The latest updates for all Push features and functions are detailed in the Release Notes for Live.

Updates for Push 1 as of Live 9

Using the new Simpler with Live 9.6

As of Live 9.6 an improved parameter layout for Simpler is available on Push 1, which enables controlling all the new device features.

Features available for Push 1 in Live 9

  • It is now possible to load VST and AU plug-ins. Hotswapping plug-ins with Push enables browsing the plug-in's presets (AU only).
  • Samples can be browsed from Push (will be instantiated in the new Simpler).
  • It is possible to preview sounds from the Push browser.

Push 1 Preview Button

Push 1 Preview Button (White-Off/ Blue-On)

  • In Drum Racks, pads can now be duplicated.
  • Scales settings are now saved in Sets.
  • Clip length can be adjusted with a resolution down to 1/16th.
  • When pressing Fixed Length during a recording, the last portion of the recording will be looped of the specified length.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the Clip selector in the step sequencer to be displayed after deleting a Clip.
  • Holding Shift + Record activates Arrangement Record

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