How can I export a Live Set from my Korg iOS app?

  • Live Versions: 9.1 and later
  • Operating System: ALL

The following Korg iOS applications can export your music as an Ableton Live Set (.als) file:


The example shows how this works with the Korg Gadget app, but it works similar with the others. Please refer to Korg's online resources and the documentation of your specific application for more details about the Live Set export.

In the Export menu of the Korg Gadget app, you'll find the entry Ableton Live Project.


Export menu of Korg's Gadget app

Selecting this will prepare a Live Set export and provide you with two options to finish the export.


Ableton Live Project export options

iTunes: this will store an Ableton Live Project, containing the Live Set (.als) file and all necessary audio files, directly on your mobile device. Next time you sync your device with your computer, you can access the Project via iTunes. Save it to a location on your computer first before opening the Set in Live 9.


Export Ableton Live Project to iTunes

Dropbox: this option requires a Dropbox account. It will store an Ableton Live Project, containing the Live Set (.als) file and all necessary audio files, inside your Dropbox folder. To open this Set in Live 9, retrieve it from your computer's Dropbox folder the next time you are on your computer with Live installed on it. Please refer to the Dropbox online resources for more information on sharing files.


Export Ableton Live Project to Dropbox

Learn more about the specifics of your exported Live Set and how to use it with Ableton Live.

If you don't have a Live 9 license already, you can get a free Live 9 Lite license directly in-app. Then download Live 9 Lite and install it on your computer.