Files without file extension won't appear in the Browser

  • Live Versions: 9-10
  • Operating System: Mac

Live has a mechanism that hides unsupported files in its Browser. This functionality reads out the file extension to decide whether a file is supported or not. A file without a file extension can not be recognized by this mechanism correctly, even though the file might work fine in Live when being dragged onto Live's application window from Finder.

On Mac OS 9 and before, a file extension was not necessarily required. The information about the file type was stored in the so-called resource fork within the file. Since Mac OS X most files do not have a resource fork anymore; instead the file extension is used to define the file type, in a similar way to Windows systems.

To make a file appear in the Live Browser, you need to add the file extension. For single files this can be done manually. There are also tools available to process several files at once. Please feel free to contact Ableton support. We can provide an Apple Script based tool for this purpose.

Additional Information

Existing Live Sets which are using files without extensions should find the files after a file extension has been added. But we recommend backing-up all project and media files before adding file extensions to the affected media files.

There is another category of files which look like they have no file extension - files with a hidden file extension. Those files should appear as normal in Live's Browser.