Using Third-Party Control Surfaces

  • Live Versions: 8.3 and above
  • Operating System: All

Live includes a number of Control Surfaces (also known as MIDI Remote Scripts) for natively-supported MIDI controllers. They can be selected directly in Live's Control Surface chooser, which can be found in Live's Preferences → MIDI tab.

For certain controllers a Control Surface is not included in Live but provided directly by the manufacturer, e.g. for Native Instrument's Maschine. Such a Control Surface needs to be installed manually.

Important notes:

  • Ableton can not offer support for the usage of third-party or modified Control Surfaces.
  • A Control Surface is usually a collection of files with the file extension .py or .pyc (Python or Compiled Python) inside a folder with the name of the according controller. Please never copy any other files into Live's MIDI Control Surface folder!
  • If modified or third-party Control Surfaces are installed in MIDI Remote Script folders that have the same name as our natively supported Scripts, this may prevent even the latter from working. Third-party Control Surfaces should be stored in folders with unique names. It would also be helpful to make a backup copy of the Remote Scripts folder before adding any custom/modified scripts to be able to restore it should problems occur.
  • If you should encounter any problems with third-party or modified Control Surfaces for your controllers, please get in contact with the developers of the respective Control Surface.

A Control Surface can be installed simply by copying the folder with the Python files into Live's Remote Script folder. Please make sure that Live is not running while copying the Control Surface.


\ProgramData\Ableton\Live x.x\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts\

Note: This folder is usually hidden by default. The following article explains how to access hidden folders.


On Mac the Remote Script folder is located inside the Ableton Live application bundle. To access it, locate the Live application in Finder, right click on it and select "Show Package Content" in the appearing context menu. Then navigate to:

/Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts/

Next, start Live. The installed Control Surface should appear in the Control Surface chooser in Live's Preferences → MIDI tab. Activate the script by selecting it and assigning the according MIDI input and output port of the controller in the MIDI port choosers next to it.

Troubleshooting - Third-Party Control Surface stops working after an automatic update of Live

Due to constant improvements of the Control Surfaces framework, third-party or modified Remote Scripts might not work anymore after an automatic update of Live.

If this happens, you’ll need to contact the respective third-party Script developer to provide you with an updated version of their Script if available.

Troubleshooting - Third-Party Control Surface stops working after a manual update of Live

If the custom/third-party Scripts stopped working after a manual update of Live, and this update doesn't contain any technical changes in the Control Surfaces framework, you'll need to reinstall the Third Party Control Surfaces as they are not copied over automatically after a manual update of Live.

Additional Information

Article in Native Instrument's knowledge base on how to install and set up Maschine as controller for Ableton Live.