Installing third-party remote scripts

Ableton Live includes remote scripts (also called control surfaces) for natively-supported MIDI controllers. Remote scripts for some controllers are not included with Live, such as the remote script for Native Instrument's Maschine. These must be downloaded from the manufacturer's website or product portal and installed separately.

Live 10 and earlier versions used Python 2 for remote scripts. This has been upgraded to Python 3, as of Live 11. All third-party and custom scripts must use Python 3 to work in Live 11 and later versions. 

Note: We cannot provide technical support for remote scripts not included with Live. For assistance with third-party products, please contact the developer directly.

As of Live 10.1.13, you can create a “Remote Scripts” folder in Live's User Library. Third-party remote scripts placed in this folder will appear in Live's PreferencesMIDI. After upgrading to a newer Live version, remote scripts placed in this folder will continue to be loaded in Live.

How to install a third-party remote script

  1. Download the remote script from the manufacturer's website.
  2. Manually create a folder called “Remote Scripts” within your User Library
    The default User Library location:
    Windows: \Users\[username]\Documents\Ableton\User Library
    Mac: Macintosh HD/Users/[username]/Music/Ableton/User Library
  3. Place the unzipped remote script into the "Remote Scripts" folder you just created.

  4. Launch Live.
  5. Open Live's Preferences → MIDI tab.
  6. Select the script using the dropdown menu in the Control Surface column.
  7. Assign the correct input and output ports for the relevant device.


Learn more about Live's MIDI Preferences.

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