App for controlling Live with an iOS or Android device

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

There are a number of applications which can control Live with an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android device. 


touchAble is full-featured controller app for Live which offers dedicated views and controls for Live's Session View, MIDI Note Editor, Mixer, Devices, Browser, and more.

There are versions of touchAble for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

LiveControl 2

Based on Lemur from Liine, LiveControl 2 gives access to all important functions to perform with Live, e.g. triggering clips, notes and drums as well as changing levels and devices parameters.

LiveControl 2 is available for iPad.


Conductr is a fast, ergonomic solution for Ableton Live control. With a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, Conductr offers a range of control modules: Clips Mode, Mixer Mode, Master Mode, Gesture Mode and even customizable User Modules.

With quick, hands-on control, Conductr can be very advantageous in Live/performance situations. 

Conductr is available for iOS. 


LK the successor of LIVKONTROL by Imaginando features a Clip Launcher, control over track parameters, a Clip Composer, MIDI Pads and mappable MIDI sliders.

LK runs on iOS and Android devices.

TouchOSC and Osculator

Touch OSC offers a level of customization which requires an intermediate-advanced knowledge of both the software and MIDI/OSC (Open Sound Control) protocols, however for those who are up to the challenge, creating custom virtual controllers can be a very rewarding project.

TouchOSC transmits its messages to Live via a program called Osculator.

TouchOSC is available for iOS devices as well as for Android devices.