Push 1 change in visibility with LCD after firmware update

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All


Push 1 firmware version 1.10 was made available as of Live 9.0.6.

This firmware version includes a change to the LCD contrast setting, reducing the contrast of the display slightly.

The change was made to both prolong the lifespan of the display and to reduce display artefacts caused by over-brightness.

As a side-effect of this improvement, the visibility of the display may be affected depending on the viewing angle.

Live 9.1 comes with firmware version 1.13 (which also includes all the revisions present in firmware version 1.10), see detailed release notes here.

Note: Connecting the power supply will increase the brightness of Push's LCD and LEDs, but otherwise it is not possible to adjust the brightness of the LCD.


Where possible, try to sit directly in front of Push for the best LCD visibility