Push 1: Loop Controls and Playhead

  • Live Versions: 9.1 and later
  • Operating System: All
  • Push Version: 1

This article outlines how Push's Loop Selector Controls work when step-sequencing beats and melodies. It also describes the Playhead and how to activate its Auto-Follow function.

Push's Loop Controls

In one of Push's two step-editing modes (Drum Mode and the Melodic Step Sequencer), a green moving bar indicates the current playback position of the Clip.

The behaviour of this playhead is determined by the state of the loop length controls.


The Loop Controls When Working With Drums


The Loop Controls When Step Sequencing Melodies

The pad colors in the loop length section indicate the following:
•Unlit — this page is outside of the loop.
•White — this page is within the loop, but is not currently visible in the step sequencer section.
•Dull yellow — this page is visible in the step sequencer section, but is not currently playing.
•Green — this is the currently playing page.

To extend the loop, hold the pad corresponding to the start of the loop and simultaneously press the pad corresponding to the desired end point.

To set a Loop length that corresponds to a single Loop Control pad, double-press that pad.

Push's Playhead and Auto-Follow

When step-sequencing melodies or beats, Push displays the current playback position of the Clip by a green bar in the Melodic Step Sequencer and by a single green pad in the Drum Sequencer.


The Playhead in the Drum Sequencer


The Playhead in the Melodic Step Sequencer

Auto-Follow is a built-in functionality that allows the step-sequencer to follow the current playback position in the Clip by scrolling (similar to Live's Follow button).

Note that when you begin programming a new Clip, Auto-Follow is disabled. This means that the step editor will stay on the current part of the Clip you are working on, even when the playback position of the Clip moves past this section.

To enable Auto-Follow for the entire loop, press the pads corresponding to the beginning and end of the loop.

To disable Auto-Follow (in order to focus on one part of the Clip) press the pad corresponding to that section of the Clip once (double-pressing will set a loop around that region as described above).