Max for Live Crashes using DAC object

  • Live Versions: 8 - 9
  • Operating System: All

Crashes and other Issues relating to using the DAC object in the Max Help Files. 

Max comes with a set of instructive help-patches available for every object, accessed by right clicking the Object, and selecting Help, or by simply pressing F1.  


dac~ Help File

Certain help-patches will try to input or output an audio signal using your soundcard. The most common is the dac~  which is found in a lot of help-patches. 


Various output objects in Max

When doing this with Max for Live, it will cause Max to crash, as it cannot override the audio driver from Ableton Live.

To avoid these crashes, we would recommend copying the complete contents of the help-patch, to a blank Max Instrument, and patching it to a plugout~ object.


Routing patch to plugout~

Note: For users with a full Max Standalone License, it may be possible use both Live and Max with your soundcard, therefore making these objects usable.