Using multiple audio interfaces in Live

  • Live Versions: 1-9
  • Operating System: ALL

Live does not support combining multiple sound cards/audio interfaces.

On Mac, it is still possible to choose an interface for Input and another for Output.

Furthermore, on OS X  there's a way to combine several audio cards to one virtual device on system level.

Note that none of these setups are recommended in critical situations such as live performance or audio recording, since under certain circumstances drop-outs and glitches in the audio stream might occur due to synchronization issues.

In order to increase the number of audio Inputs and Outputs certain devices support cascading multiple units.

This will work smoothly instead, since the devices will now appear to Live as a single entity and the communication between the units will be handled by the hardware and its driver.

Please refer to your audio interface manual to find out if cascading multiple devices is supported.