Live Lite FAQ

Live Lite serial is missing or not working

If your Live Lite serial is missing or not working, you can request a replacement.

How do I download and install Live Lite?

Check out these articles for details on installing and authorizing Live Lite.

Is Lite compatible with my computer?

Live Lite is supported on most modern Windows and Mac systems. View the complete system requirements. If your computer is running an older OS version and you have a valid Lite serial, you can download an earlier version of Lite from the Download Archive

What are the features in Live Lite?

All of Lite's features are outlined on our Live Lite Feature Chart.

Can I use third-party plug-ins in Live Lite?

Yes, Live Lite supports VST plug-ins (Windows, Mac) as well as Audio Unit (AU) plug-ins (Mac only). Find instructions on how to use VST plug-ins with Live on your Windows computer here. If you are on a Mac and use VST and AU plug-ins, check out this article

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