Why are my Places empty?

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: ALL

Adding folders from your local disks to Live is the best way to quickly preview and load your samples, MIDI files, Videos, Live Presets and Live Sets.

These folders can be added as Places by dragging them on that section of the Live browser, or by clicking on the "Add Folder..." label.

add folder.png

Add a folder to Places by clicking the respective button, or simply via drag and drop.

If Places shows no content, this might be happening for a number of reasons.

First of all, please make sure no other Live instance is running before launching Live 9.

Folders added as Places might also appear empty if these contain files which Live cannot use. Only content which can be loaded in Live will be displayed in the browser: again, this includes audio files, MIDI files, Max for Live Devices, Live Presets (.adg), Live Sets (.als). 

If interested, find out here which filetypes can be created and used by Live.

Finally, please make sure the audio files contained in these folders do have a file extension: while these files will work fine if imported by drag and drop directly in Live, the browser will not show any samples for which an extension does not exist.

File extensions are hidden by default on most Operating Systems, thus it might be not immediately possible to find out if your files contain one.

If you are not sure, find out how to display file extensions on Windows and on OS X.