Push 1: Playing notes and chords

  • Live Versions: 9, 10
  • Operating System: All
  • Push Version: 1

Using the unique note playing system Push has to offer, learn how to play a basslines, melodies and chords and get a further understanding of the Note mode.

Create a MIDI track by pressing Add Track button to load a Live Instrument. Browse for a Live Instrument preset using the Rotary Encoders above the display or Buttons below the display. Load them by pushing the green button.

Playing notes using Push

Push automatically configures the pad grid so that each pad represents a note and is by default in the Key of C-Major. The blue pads represent the Root Key and the white pads are the other notes in the scale. Notes can be played across from left to right and also three notes in a row and then move up to play the next three notes and so on.

Scales and Keys using Push

By pressing the Scale button we can see we have more options for a large variety of different scales. In the scale mode we can select the scale we wish to play as well as select whether all the pads are “in key” i.e. all the pads correspond to the scale and we can play scales and chord all over the pads without hitting a wrong note.

This function can be switched off so Pads that are lit up represent notes in the scale and Pads that are not lit up represent notes that are not part of the scale. In the case of the key of C-Major, in this mode we have a more conventional layout like the black and white keys on a piano.

The Octave Down button allows you to play lower notes or Octave Up for higher notes.

Recording melodies and chords with Push

Pressing the Record button once starts the recording process. Pressing the Record button again will stop the recording process. 

Pressing the New button allows you to capture a new musical idea. This prepares a slot for you to start recording a new musical idea.Using the Duplicate button on the other hand, copies the musical loop for further editing or overdubbing.

Fixed Length recording

There is also the possibility to use the Fixed Length button and create a loop of a specific length for recording as opposed to toggling the the Record button to record ideas. The advantage of this is that you can focus soley on recording and you get the exact loop length you desired for your idea.

Playing Chords with Push

It is easy to play chords using your fingers to play 'shapes' on the 64 pad grid. You can play chords anywhere in the pad grid using the same shape to play chords that are in the same key. It is also possible to combine different chord 'shapes' to experiment and create interesting new melodies.