Push Cleaning Guide

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Cleaning Push

The following suggestions are only for Push's outer-casing. Do not attempt to open Push's casing as this will invalidate your warranty.

Cleaning Push with a dry cloth can usually clear any scuffs and dust.

If there are food stains or other caked materials on Push, you can clean it with a damp cloth and a small amount of soap. Make sure any excess liquid does not drip onto the pots or buttons.

The encoders can also be removed to clean out any dust, however Ableton cannot be held liable for any damage caused in doing so.

Tips on avoiding cosmetic damage

We advise keeping Push out of direct sunlight, as well as away from any liquids.

To avoid surface scratches, we recommend covering Push with a cloth or case when carrying it in a backpack or luggage. A 19" laptop sleeve will also house Push comfortably.

The USB cable and power supply should be packed separately during travel. Leaving the cables connected can damage the ports.

Note that due to the geometry of Push, the hard corners are the most susceptible to paint-loss.

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