Upgrading Live Lite 8 to Live 9 Standard / Suite

  • Live Versions: 8 - 9
  • Operating System: All

This article covers all you need to know when upgrading Live Lite 8 to Live 9 Standard or Suite.

The same information can also be applied to any previous version (1 - 8) of Live Lite, Live Intro/LE, Live Standard or Suite (but please note that only the library in versions of Live 8 will be automatically linked to Live 9's Browser).

What do I need to be aware of when upgrading from Live Lite 8 to Live 9?

When upgrading to Live 9, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Compatibility of Live Lite 8 sets with Live 9

Live Lite 8 Sets can be opened in Live 9.

By default, Live Sets created with Live Lite 8 point to device presets, clips and audio files stored in the Live Lite 8 library. Live 9 can link to your Live Lite 8 library, allowing you to continue using them.

Live 9 will not import or copy this library, it simply references it - this means that if you manually delete it, it will also be deleted from Live 9.

To learn more about how Live 9 handles your Live Lite 8 library, please see this article.


Your Live Lite 8 Library will appear in Places

"Collect All and Save"

To ensure that no samples used in the Live 8 Sets are lost during the transfer between versions (or computers), you can first open the Sets in Live Lite 8 and use the "Collect All and Save" function to automatically copy all of these files into the Project folder. Live 9 will then use the files stored in the Project folder rather than the ones stored in the Live 8 library.

Performing this operation for every single Live Set created with Live 8 is the most effective way to guarantee that you can safely delete your Live 8 library and re-use your Live Sets with Live 9.

You can also read this article for tips on opening Live Lite 8 sets in Live 9 without loosing any files.

Should I uninstall Live Lite 8 first?

The choice is entirely yours as to whether or not you wish to keep Live Lite 8 on your computer; Live 9 doesn't require any previous Live versions to be installed. Uninstalling Live Lite 8 will also not delete its library from your computer.

Should you wish to manually delete your Live 8 library, we strongly invite you to read the previous section of this article before doing so.

Where can I download Live 9?

To download Live 9, first login to your Account Page.

Next, choose the Live version (Live 9 Suite / Standard), then choose your operating system and finally click "Download".

For Live 9 Suite owners, or for those who purchased Max for Live separately, you will also see an option to download the latest version of Max for Live. For further information, see this article on Setting Up Max for Live.


Download Live 9 from your Account Page

Unsure whether to choose the 32- or 64-bit version? If so, you might like to read this article for further information.

Note that if you choose the 64-bit version, you will also need to install 64-bit versions of any third-party plug-ins you wish to use.

How do I install Live 9 after downloading it from my Account Page?

If you are unsure how to install files on your computer, please have a look at this article on Installing Live 9.

Where can I download all the additional Packs?

The Live 9 Core Library is included in the Live 9 installer. This Library will provide you with all the Live 9 presets and sounds that you need to get started.

To download additional sounds, device presets and Max for Live devices, visit the Your Packs page via Your Account.


Access your packs by clicking Your Account > Your Packs

Packs will download as a .alp (Ableton Live Pack) file. You can install downloaded Packs by simply dragging these .alp files anywhere into Live 9's open window (except onto the browser pane).

For further information, please see this article on Installing Live Packs.

Getting Started

Now that you have Live 9 installed and set-up, you might like to take a look at our Learn Live page for tips on getting started.

On this page, you will find videos describing how to set up an audio interface and MIDI controller. You will also find some great tips and tutorials to get you making beats with Live 9 in no time!

For more in-depth information, we would also highly recommend that you take a look at the Live 9 manual.

Additional Information

For further information regarding Live 9's Library and new Browser, please read our Browser & Library FAQ.

For Live 9 Suite or Max for Live owners, see this article to Get Started with Max for Live.