Max for Live - FAQ

  • Live Versions: 8.2.2 - 10
  • Operating System: All

What is Max for Live? What can I do with it?

Max for Live is a visual programming environment that allows users to build instruments and effects for use within Ableton Live.

To learn more, see our dedicated page about Max for Live.

What products do I need in order to use Max for Live?

Max for Live is included by default in Live Suite and can be purchased as an additional add-on for Live Standard.

For Live 9, Max for Live is included in Suite (32-bit & 64-bit) and can be purchased as an add-on to Standard.

For Live 8, Max for Live is available in 32-bit mode only as part of Live 8 Suite, and as a paid addition for Live 8 Standard.

How to get started with Max for Live

Please visit the following pages to learn how to install and explore the content of Max for Live with Live 9.

For users on Live 8 please see Setting up Max for Live in Live 8.

Why does my Max for Live serial number not work when I enter it in Max?

Max for Live and the standalone version of Max are two different products and require their own serial. Detailed information is provided in our Knowledge Base article.  

I already own Max/MSP. Do I get any discount on Max for Live?

If you already own Max 5, 6 or 7, Max for Live is available for a discounted price. Please refer to the Ableton webshop for further details.

Can I use Max 5, Max 6 or Max 7 as my device editor for Max for Live?

All questions regarding the compatibility of the standalone versions of Max with Max for Live are answered in this Knowledge base article.

A Max for Live device that I recently purchased is not working, why is that?

Your Max for Live installation may be out of date. Please download the most recent version from your User Account

Why do I experience an increase in audio latency when the Max editor is open in Live?

Because of the way Max and Live communicate, the latency is increased regardless of your audio buffer size when the Max editor window is open and the Preview button is active.

Close the Max editor or turn off the Preview button to reduce the audio latency.

You found no answer to your question?

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