Transferring a Push license to a new user

The seller must contact Support to transfer a Push serial to a second-hand buyer.

We will need the following details from the seller upon contact:

  • the Push serial number to be transferred
  • the Live serial number to be transferred (if any)
  • the email address originally used to register the unit
  • the buyer's full name
  • the buyer's registered email address

If possible, the seller should also provide the original invoice or proof-of-purchase with the unit to the new user. This way, the warranty will also be transferred (if the unit is still under warranty). 

Any license included as part of the second-hand Push sale should be agreed privately between the two parties. If a Live license should be transferred, in addition to the Push serial number, it needs to be explicitly requested when the seller contacts Support. 

The transfer request must come from the seller's registered email address and cannot be completed via our Telephone Support.

If a buyer has no information about the seller, they can contact our Support Team and send us a proof of purchase or the Push serial number. We will then get in touch with the seller and ask for confirmation of the transfer.