Recommendations when upgrading from Live 8 to Live 9

  • Live Versions: 8 - 9
  • Operating System: ALL

Do I need to uninstall Live 8 before installing Live 9?

No. Live 8 and Live 9 can both be installed on the same system.

To save disk space you can uninstall Live 8 after you made sure that Live 9 is running fine. This can be done via the 'Control Panel/Software' on Windows or by dragging the application into the trash bin on Mac.

Please note that the Live 8 Library won't be uninstalled by uninstalling Live 8. That means you can uninstall Live 8 but still use the Live 8 Library in Live 9. Please find further formation in our Library FAQs.

Is it necessary to have Live 8 installed on the system before installing Live 9?

No. The Live 9 installer from our website or on DVD is a complete installer. An older version of Live is not required.

Where can I find instructions for installing and setting up Live 9?

Installing and setting up Live 9.

I upgraded to Live 9 Suite. How do I install Max for Live?

Setting up Max for Live with Live 9.

I can't find my Live 8 presets in the Live 9 Library. What can I do?

Live 9 installs its own Library. Live 9 won't update or overwrite your existing Live 8 Library, but you can use your Live 8 Library with Live 9. If you have removed your Live 8 Library from your computer already, you could also install the Live 8 Legacy Library Pack.