Getting started with Live 8

  • Live Versions: 8
  • Operating System: all

Getting Started 1: Audio Interface

Learn how to set up an external audio interface with Ableton Live.

Getting Started 2: Recording Audio

Learn how to record audio with Ableton Live.

Getting Started 3: Setting Up Your MIDI Controller

Learn how to connect a MIDI Controller to Ableton Live. This tutorial covers instant and manual controller mappings in Live.

Getting Started 4: Making Music with MIDI — Beats and Melodies

Learn how to use the MIDI Note Editor to make music in Live.

Getting Started 5: Working with Session View

Learn how to work with Live's unique Session View for composition, live performance and DJing.

Getting Started 6: Exporting Audio

Learn how to render your track as audio in Live. This tutorial also covers the basics of options for audio export in Live.

Getting Started 7: Session to Arrangement View

Learn how to move clips from Session to Arrangement view using recording and manual placement and editing.