Adding and managing content in Places

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All

The Places section of Live's browser allows you to add folders of clips, samples and files for quick access.

Adding a folder to Places

Click on "Add Folder..." to point Live to the desired directory. Alternatively you can also drag the desired folder from Finder(Mac)/Explorer(Win) and drop it below the existing Places.

Add folder L9 browser.png

Live will then start scanning the folder and any subfolders contained within and progressively list all the available files. The time necessary to complete the scanning depends on the amount of files and folders contained in the added directory. A spinning wheel by the "Places" label indicates that the scanning procedure is still in progress. In the meantime it is still possible to keep working with Live.

Tip - We recommend to only add discrete content folders to Places rather than entire hard drives.

Scanning browser.png

Removing folders from Places

In order to remove a folder right click/CMD Click a folder and select "Remove from Sidebar"

Locating missing folders in Places

In case you've moved folders on your hard drive (for instance, transferred the original folder to an external harddrive, or to another location on your computer) the folder will display as greyed out in Places. To point it to the new location, right click on the folder and select "Locate Folder" and choose the folder in its new location. Once the folder is added, it will re-index and display correctly again.


No content shown in Places

If Places shows no content, this might be happening for a number of reasons:

  1. If you've just added a folder to Places and it contains a large amount of files, it may take a while to index the files. Wait for a few minutes and then check again.
  2. Make sure no other Live instance is running before launching Live 9, as more than one instance of Live open will disable the entire browser. Close all open instances of Live, then re-open just one instance of Live 9.
  3. Make sure the the folders you add contain files that Live can use. Only content which can be loaded in Live will be displayed in the browser: this includes audio files, MIDI files, Max for Live Devices, Live Presets (.adg), Live Sets (.als).
  4. Finally, make sure the audio files contained in these folders have a valid file extension: while these files will work fine if imported by drag and drop directly in Live, the browser will not show any samples for which an extension does not exist. File extensions are hidden by default on most operating systems, thus it might be not immediately possible to find out if your files contain one. If you are not sure, find out how to display file extensions on Windows and on OS X.

Scanning of added folders in Places is slow

  1. Norton Antivirus. If you have Norton Antivirus installed, it can interfere with the content indexing. Either temporarily disable Norton Antivirus while adding content to places, or uninstall the program entirely.
  2. Non-readable content. Adding large amounts of non-readable content may cause issues while indexing the folder(s). Make sure to add discrete content folders only rather than entire hard drives.