How can I browse my hard drive with Live 9?

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: ALL

In order to browse files stored on your hard drive, it is first necessary to add the respective containing folders as a Place in Live's Browser.

Click on "Add Folder..." to point Live to the desired directory. Alternatively you can also drag the desired folder and drop it below the existing Places.

Add folder L9 browser.png

You could either add your hard drive or one of the enclosed folders. Live will then start scanning the directories and progressively list all the available files.

The time necessary to complete the scanning depends on the amount of files and folders contained in the added directory. A spinning wheel by the "Places" label will indicate that the scanning procedure is still in progress.

Scanning browser.png

In the meantime it will still be possible to keep working with Live. Searching the Browser and loading sounds and presets will work flawlessly.

Adding the system hard drive might result in the scanning being triggered more often. It is recommended to add discrete content folders instead.