Modulation vs. Automation

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All


Automation is the movement of a control across the Arrangement timeline or Session clip.

In Live 9 you can draw an automation envelope with your mouse, or record it in real time in Arrangement and Session view by moving the parameter during playback.

To ensure automation recording,  Automation Arm has to be enabled.

Automation Arm.png

To record an automation in Session View, hit the Session Record button: the active Clip playhead will turn red, indicating that all the control movements will be recorded in that Clip.

To record an automation in Arrangement view, hit the Global Record button.

To view and edit automation envelopes in Session View, show the Envelopes Box containing the Device Parameter list by clicking the button labeled E.

Envelope Box.png

A red square will mark the parameter for which an automation is already active.

When dragging this Clip to Arrangement View, or when hitting the Global Record button and triggering this Clip, the automation envelopes will be copied into the arrangement.


Modulation is also a movement of a control across the Arrangement timeline or Session Clip, but relative to the defined parameter value.

Whereas automation envelopes define the value of a control at any given point in time, modulation envelopes can only influence this defined value.

In order to enable the modulation for a certain parameter, right click on the device parameter and choose Show Modulation from the context menu. Now the corresponding entry will be listed in the Device Parameter list as well.

Device List modulation.png