Using the Live 8 Library with Live 9

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All

If you have Live 8 installed and its Library has been set correctly in the Live 8 Preferences, when you start Live 9 on the same computer for the first time, Live 9 will automatically show your Live 8 Library in its Browser under Places.


If not, you can always set and change the path to the Live 8 Library in the Library tab in Preferences.


The Live 8 Library is neither merged with the Live 9 default content nor copied or imported. It is shown as a dedicated read-only Place in the Live 9 Browser and its content can only be accessed from here - it won't be shown in the Categories sections.

You can use and load all content from the Live 8 Library in Live 9. If you load a preset from the Live 8 Library, then change and save it, it will be saved in your Live 9 User Library and will from now on be shown in the Categories as well.

If you don't have the Live 8 Library installed and wish to access its sounds, you can download the Live 8 Legacy Pack instead.