Using Program Change messages in MIDI Clips

  • Live Versions: 4 - 10
  • Operating System: All

Live can send Bank and Program Change messages to external synthesizers and other MIDI devices.

This means that by editing and triggering a MIDI clip in your Live Set, you can change to a particular sound on your MIDI instrument.

To add a Bank/Program Change message to your clip:

  1. Configure your MIDI device in Live appropriately to receive MIDI messages from Live.  You can find out how to do this watching this tutorial.
  2. Create a MIDI clip and double click it to show the Clip View.
  3. In the Clip View, show the Notes Box.
  4. Select the Bank/Program Change value in the appropriate choosers.


The implementation of Bank/Program Change varies depending on the device receiving them. Please check your MIDI device's documentation for details.

A clip sends one single Bank/Program Change message to one MIDI port and channel only when it is launched.

To send Bank/Program Change messages to different devices at the same time, create and launch a Scene which contains different clips with the appropriate Bank/Program Change data.

Please note: Using the Program Change option makes Live send MIDI CC 32 commands. This is the reason why MIDI CC 32 does not appear as available MIDI control data in the Envelopes section of a Clip.