Using Program Change messages in MIDI Clips

  • Live Versions: 4 - 9
  • Operating System: All

Live can send Bank and Program Change messages to external synthesizers and other MIDI devices.

This means that by editing and triggering a MIDI clip in your Live Set, you can change to a particular sound on your MIDI instrument.

To add a Bank/Program Change message to your clip:

  1. Configure your MIDI device in Live appropriately to receive MIDI messages from Live.  You can find out how to do this watching this tutorial.
  2. Create a MIDI clip and double click it to show the Clip View.
  3. In the Clip View, show the Notes Box.
  4. Select the Bank/Program Change value in the appropriate choosers.


The implementation of Bank/Program Change varies depending on the device receiving them. Please check your MIDI device's documentation for details.

A clip sends one single Bank/Program Change message to one MIDI port and channel only when it is launched.

To send Bank/Program Change messages to different devices at the same time, create and launch a Scene which contains different clips with the appropriate Bank/Program Change data.