Live 9 Suite will require 50 GB of hard drive space. Does this apply if I already have Suite 8 installed?

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: ALL

Yes, even if you have Suite 8 installed fully on your hard drive, the installation of Live 9 Suite requires another 50 GB of hard disk space, since it will install a completely new library and leave your Suite 8 library untouched. 

The library of Live 9 Suite has been completely rebuilt in terms of preset content and folder structure, and therefore requires a separate installation.

The additional content consists of several packs of sounds and devices each arranged around an idea. The reason for this is to avoid forcing our users to download one huge chunk of data in one go.

Please note that Partner Instruments will also have to be re-installed in the dedicated Live 9 version.

Additional Information

You can learn about the differences between the Live 9 versions in our feature comparison chart.