Overview on Compressor, Multiband Dynamics and Glue

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All


The Ableton device Compressor, which has been revamped with a set of exciting new features, is a very precise and complete tool that fits many different scenarios.


Provided with advanced side chain features, three different view modes and three different compression algorithms (Peak, RMX, Expand) the Ableton Compressor is a versatile tool to surgically control the dynamics of single tracks.

Multiband Dynamics

The Multiband Dynamics is thought as a mastering tool, giving the ability to use different compression settings for different frequency ranges.


Designed primarily as a mastering processor, Multiband Dynamics allows for upward and downward compression and expansion of up to three independent frequency bands, with adjustable crossover points and envelope controls for each band.

Each band has both an upper and lower threshold, therefore a single instance of Multiband Dynamics can provide six types of dynamics processing simultaneously.

The Glue Compressor

The new Glue Compressor, modeled after the bus compressor from a famous console of the 80's, is the go-to drum bus compressor.

It shares side chain and dry/wet features with the other Ableton dynamic processors, and also adds some colour and analog warmth to the signal, by emulating the non-linearities typical of analog equipment.


The new Live 9 Glue Compressor

The Glue Compressor is the ideal tool when working on percussive material to add thickness and to "glue" things together.

Due to the fact that its Attack, Release and Ratio controls are limited to a small set of values only, it is also really easy to set up and to use effectively.