Live 8: Creating a fresh Library

  • Live Versions: 8
  • Operating System: All


When experiencing problems with Live's Library that can't be solved with the command "Repair Library" (Live's Preferences -> Library tab) it might help to create a fresh Library.


  • Open Live's preferences -> Library tab.
  • Write down the Library path.
  • Close Live.
  • IMPORTANT: please back-up all user-created content that may be stored in the Live Library.
  • Use Windows Explorer or Finder to navigate to the Library folder location as written down initially. 
  • Delete the content of the Library folder.
  • Start Live again (it will complain about the missing Library).
  • Open Live's Preferences -> Library tab.
  • Click "Change Location".
  • Choose the same folder where the Library was installed before.

Live will now create a new Library.

Additional Information

The standard Library location is:

  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Documents\Ableton\Library\
  • Windows Vista/7/8: C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Ableton\Library\
  • OSX: /Users/[Username]/Library/Application Support/Ableton/Library/

Please refer to the following knowledge base article for further informations how to access hidden folders on Windows and Mac OSX.

Please make sure to have the latest Live/Suite version installed in order to create a new Live Library.