"Create Fades on Clip Edges" to avoid clicks

  • Live Versions: 8 - 10
  • Operating System: All

When cutting a sample and its beginning or end doesn't correspond to a zero crossing, a discontinuity in the waveform amplitude might happen. The zero-crossing is a horizontal line in a waveform that shows where the waveform has an amplitude of 0 dB. This could result in glitches, pops or click sounds when the audio file is played or looped.

To avoid this problem in the Arrangement View, you will need to activate 'Create Fades on Clip Edges' in the Record/Warp/Launch pane of Live's Preferences.
A short (up to 4 ms) fade will be applied to the clip start and end to avoid clicks.


In the Session View, these 'declicking' fades can also be applied via the Clip Fade button, from the clip view.


These de-clicking Fades are not to be confused with adjustable Fades.