Live doesn't launch because of audio driver problems (Mac)

  • Live Versions: 1 - 9
  • Operating System: OSX


  • Live doesn't start.
  • While launching the error message "Company Support Dir not found" is shown.


The error message "Company Support Dir not found" can appear due to different issues.

One reason could be problems with audio drivers.


  • Open the audio window of the system's Audio-MIDI-Setup.
  • In the left side bar remove the audio devices, by selecting the device and clicking the minus symbol in the lower part of the window. Please note that this only works for certain devices, in many cases the minus symbol is greyed out and the device can't be removed.
  • Re-start Live.
  • If Live launches again, you might re-install drivers for your audio hardware. Please make sure that the drivers are compatible with the operating system of your computer.
Audio-MIDI-Setup remove audio driver

Audio-MIDI-Setup remove audio driver