Usage Data

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

As of Live 8.3, the software can send usage data to It does so only if "Send Usage Data" is turned on, which can be done in Live's Licenses/Maintenance Preferences. 

If an internet connection is established the software transfers the data to at start up and will not affect the performance in any measurable way afterwards. 

If it is turned off, the software will not collect or transfer any data.

The following data may be collected:

  • set-ups (information about the operating system and its extensions such as drivers, information about installed software like plug-ins, and information about available documents like installed Live Packs) 
  • usage (information about what actions Ableton Live performs)
  • documents (in rare cases, to reproduce bugs, we might need to collect the Sets and presets which were opened by Ableton Live)

This data gets stored in a completely anonymous way on Therefore, we have no way to connect this data with any personal information such as, for example, your user account. We will use this data only to improve Live, fix bugs and learn how you use the software so we can concentrate on the areas most important for you.

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