Re-enable Automation keeps lighting up

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

The Re-enable Automation button may unexpectedly light up as soon as Arrangement playback is started or when a set is opened.


The problem could be caused by:

  • Third-party plug-ins - some of them reset specific parameters when playback is started. This may happen for valid reasons, but could also indicate plug-in problems.
  • MIDI feedback loops - these are caused by certain connected MIDI hardware. The settings on the hardware and/or in Live can cause constant firing of MIDI data to Live. 
  • Broken MIDI controllers sending erratic MIDI data to Live.
  • Some third-party plug-ins may have controls with auto-link functionality: if you adjust one control, then the other moves inversely. For example "drive" and "output" in a saturation plug-in might be linked to each-other. 

How to solve the issue:

  • By removing third-party plug-ins from the Live set one by one, find the problematic plug-in(s). Sometimes the issue is only present in one version of the plug-in. Try switching the AU and the VST version (if on Mac), or the VST2 and the VST3 version.
  • Get rid of MIDI feedback loops by changing the port settings in Live or the MIDI hardware settings.
  • Check the MIDI mappings in the Live's mapping browser or disconnect the MIDI controllers.
  • Make sure not to manually adjust any auto-link controls with automation, or disable the auto-link functionality.

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