Back To Arrangement keeps lighting up

  • Live Versions: 1 - 10
  • Operating System: All


The Back To Arrangement button unexpectedly lights up as soon as Arrangement playback is started.


The problem might be caused by:

  • Third-party plug-ins - some of them reset specific parameters when playback is started. This may happen for valid reasons, but could also indicate plug-in problems.
  • MIDI feedback loops - these are caused by certain connected MIDI hardware. The settings on the hardware and/or in Live and can cause constant firing of MIDI data to Live. 
  • Broken MIDI controllers - they might send erratic MIDI data to Live.


  • By removing third-party plug-ins from the Live set one by one, find out the problematic plug-ins and try to avoid using them.
  • Get rid of MIDI feedback loops by changing the port settings in Live or the MIDI hardware settings.
  • Check the MIDI mappings in the Live's mapping browser or disconnect the MIDI controllers.

Additional Information

To find out more about the Back To Arrangement button in this context, please have a look into the Live manual, chapter 18.3.