Exporting a finished track as MP3 to Soundcloud

  • Live Versions: 8 - 9
  • Operating System: All

Live doesn't support exporting audio as MP3 or any other compressed format.

However, Soundcloud compresses all uploaded audio automatically, so it isn't necessary for you to export to MP3 first. Your Soundcloud storage space is limited by the overall length (time) of your music only, not by file size - you can always upload hi-quality audio files and don't need to use compressed files with lower quality to save storage space.

Nevertheless, there are situations in which you might want to create MP3 files (e.g. rendered DJ mixes or other very long files). In this case, you'd need an external tool to convert the exported WAV/AIFF file into an MP3. You would then need to upload the converted MP3 file to Soundcloud manually via your web browser.

Find some suggestions of freeware MP3 conversion tools in the article How to convert my exported music into MP3?