Getting Started 7: Session to Arrangement View

  • Live Versions: 8
  • Operating System: All


Learn how to move clips from Session to Arrangement view using recording and manual placement and editing.


In the tutorial Working with Session View we covered the basics of Live’s Session View. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to turn our Session View ideas into a finished song in the Arrangement View.

In the video above, you'll see Session View full of clips. To make a recording of everything that you do in the Session View, simply un-arm any tracks that are currently record enabled, and then now enable Global Record.

Then freely launch clips or scenes. Note that when you do this, Live does NOT create new aiff or wav files - only data that refers to these files. So even very complex Arrangements won’t take up any additional space on your hard disk.

As you can see by hitting the TAB key, whatever clips or scenes are launched in the Session View are recorded into the Arrangement View.

It’s worth noting that any changes we make to mixer or device parameters are also recorded into the Arrangement View.

Press the Stop All Clips button at the bottom of the Master track when you’re done.

As an alternative to real-time recording, you can drag clips from the Session to Arrangement View. To do this, select one or more clips, click and hold on a clip, press the TAB key, and drop anywhere in the Arrangement View.

Once in the Arrangement View, selected clips can be edited with any available Edit menu commands.

Clips set to Loop can be extended as much as you want by dragging their upper-right or left edges.

Of course, you can always record new material directly into the Arrangement View, to augment your song.

(Show example of recording guitar part into Arrangement View, in between a bunch of other clips.)

You can even drag the resulting clip back to the Session View for further development. As before, click and hold on the clip, press the TAB key, and drop.

And those are the basics of bringing Session View clips to the Arrangement in Ableton Live.