De-authorizing an Ableton Live installation

It is not possible to de-authorize Ableton Live on a computer. 

The License policy for Live provides two "unlocks," which can be used to authorize two computers. It's not possible to transfer unlocks to other machines or deactivate unlocks that have already been activated. However, it is possible to transfer your license to another user, following the steps here: Transferring ownership of a Live or Push license.

If you previously installed Live on two computers, you may receive an error message that you've run out of unlocks if you try to authorize on an additional machine, or when re-authorizing Live after a repair or update to your computer. Provided you continue using Live on only two machines, you can request more unlocks. 

To install Live on a different or new computer, first uninstall Live from your old computer, then download Live from your User Account to install it on the new one. Note that the Ableton license agreement only allows the use of Live on your own computers. Here are the steps to uninstall Live:

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