De-authorizing a Live installation

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

It is not possible to de-authorize Live on a computer. In case you need to install Live on a different or new machine, it is necessary to uninstall Live from your old computer and to download Live from your user account onto the new computer in order to install it on the new machine. Note that our license agreement only allows the use of Live on your own computers. 

Note: Live comes with two unlocks which can be used to authorize two of your machines. It is not possible to transfer unlocks to other machines or deactivate used unlocks. You can however transfer your license as explained in this article.

If you previously had Live installed on two machines, you may receive an error message that you have run out of unlocks during a reinstallation, and provided you will only have Live installed on two machines, you can request more unlocks. 

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