What is 'Playthrough Optimization'?

  • Live Versions: 6 - 9
  • Operating System: ALL


Playthrough Optimization can be used to achieve low latencies on armed tracks in combination with Delay Compensation.


Live automatically compensates for delays caused by Live devices and plug-in instruments/effects used on tracks, including return tracks. 
The Delay Compensation delays all tracks corresponding to the track which has the highest latency (introduced by the devices/plug-ins). 
This ensures, that all tracks are perfectly in sync but may result in a overall higher latency.

In order to still play software instruments with the smallest possible latency and to achieve a 'tight' musical feel for the instrument, the 'Playthough Optimization' is necessary: This function deactivates the mentioned latency compensation for armed tracks (for monitoring/recording) - these tracks will only have the latency which is introduced by the audio driver and the software instrument/effects on those armed tracks. The trade-off for this function can be e.g. that the Arpeggiator is not in sync with the rest of the set anymore.
This problem can be solved this way:

  • deactivate the Delay Compensation in Live's Options menu
  • or deactivate the Playthrough Optimization. Prior to Live 8.2.7 by using the Options.txt entry: -StrictDelayCompensation ( Note: 
Options in the Options.txt file will be active after a restart of Live.)
  • with Live 8.2.7 the behavior of the Playthrough Optimization has changed. Before Live 8.2.7 it was ON per default and now it defaults to OFF. The option can be toggled via the entry "Reduced Latency When Monitoring" in Live's Options menu.

Reduced Latency When Monitoring