Live 6-8: Library shows presets for unlicensed products

  • Live Versions: 6 -8
  • Operating System: All


Live shows presets in the Library that belong to instruments that aren't purchased/unlocked.


This issue happens when Live has no access to the preferences/database of the version that installed this content.
Normally that means the Library has been selected manually after installing Live.


Create a fresh Library:

  • Open Live's Preferences.
  • Navigate to the Library tab.
  • Click “Change Location”.
  • Select a folder to install the new Library.
  • Click “Create New Library”.

Additional Information

These are the three main (technical) reasons:

  • The Library was installed with a newer Live version (the Preferences are only copied from older Live versions to newer ones).
  • The Live version was deinstalled (and no older version is available on the system with this information in the Preferences).
  • The Preferences/database was deleted manually.