How to re-install specific Intro/Lite content after upgrading to Live/Suite

  • Live Versions: Live 6 -8
  • Operating System: ALL


Live Intro and several Live Lite versions provide specific default content - Live Packs that contain additional loops and samples. When having upgraded to a full Live or Suite version before and now created a fresh library (e.g. on a new machine), this specific legacy content might be missing. Here's how to get it back.


There are two different possibilities where the missing content can be stored - on a CD/DVD or within the Live installer.

If there's a CD/DVD with additional content, simply start the regular Live/Suite and drag the packs onto its GUI - they will be installed into the library.

If the content is contained within a Live installer (as e.g. LiveIntroSoundsbyLoopmastersDL, LiveLiteSoundsbyLoopmasters, 3rd-party vendor packs), the installer itself is needed. If it's not at hand anymore, it can be downloaded from the user account page. Depending on the computer's OS, there are different ways to get the specific content into the current Live library:

  • Mac OSX:
    • Start the regular Live/Suite version.
    • Locate the Live Intro/Lite version.
    • Open the context menu (right-click) on the and “Show Package Contents”.
    • Navigate to the folder Contents/App-Resources/DefaultPackages and find the content packs.
    • Drag the packs onto the Live/Suite GUI - they will be installed into the library now.
    • Remove the Live/Intro version.
  • Windows:
    • Close the regular Live/Suite version.
    • Install Live Intro/Lite.
      • If this version has the same version number as the already installed Live, choose a custom folder as storage place to make sure the installations don't collide!
      • Don't start this version after the installation has finished!
    • Navigate to the folder where this version had been installed into.
    • Open this folder and navigate into the Resources\DefaultPackages folder.
    • In this folder, find the content packs and copy or move them to a suitable place, e.g. the desktop.
    • Close this folder and uninstall Live Intro/Lite again.
    • Start the regular Live/Suite and drag the previously copied/moved packs onto its GUI - they will be installed into the library now.