Uninstalling Live (Windows)

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: Windows

Here's how to uninstall the Live application and all associated hidden files from your computer, including Library and Pack content.

Step 1

Open Live's Preferences to the Library tab.

Note the paths to Installation Folder for Packs and Location of User Library.


Step 2

Uninstall Live from the Windows Control Panel. You can access this via
Start→ Settings→ System→Apps and Features 
Search for the relevant Live application and click the Uninstall button:


Step 3

Locate these hidden folders and delete them entirely:



Here's how to access hidden folders on Windows.

Step 4

Now, open Explorer and browse to the Packs and User Library locations you wrote down previously and delete them.

Note: While Live's Core Library content and Packs can be downloaded and re-installed at any time, your User Library - which contains your own personal presets and files - cannot be restored once deleted, unless you have backed it up to another location. Do not delete the User Library if you have no backup of it.