How to render audio in real-time

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

By default, Live renders audio as quickly as possible. In most cases, this is faster than real-time. In certain special cases, you may want to render your set in real-time.

Method 1 - Using External Audio Effect

  1. Add Live's 'External Audio Effect' device to a spare audio track.
  2. Within the 'External Audio Effect' device, select any channels for "Audio From". It is not necessary to choose a channel for "Audio To".
  3. Set the Dry/Wet knob to zero percent.
  4. Press CMD (Mac) /CTRL (Windows) + Shift + R to export the audio.
  5. Live now renders the set in real-time.

Note: You can choose any option in the render dialog that you wish (All tracks individually, selected tracks etc).


Method 2 - Resampling the entire set

Alternatively, you can resample the entire set to a blank audio track. 

  1. Create a blank audio track
  2. Set the Audio From to "Resampling"
  3. Keep Monitor "Off"
  4. Arm the track for recording
  5. Make sure that all other tracks are active (not muted)
  6. Press record on a clip slot


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