Display freezes on load and other GUI problems on OS X

  • Live Versions: 1 - 9
  • Operating System: OS X


  • Launching Live or loading a Live Set results in a stuck GUI.
  • Other possible symptoms are:
    • incomplete drawing of VST/AU windows and dropdown menus
    • problems with mouseover effects (e.g. highlighting menu items)
    • mouse scroll wheel not working in menus
    • clicking on arrows in dropdown menus doesn't work
  • Dragging the Live GUI, opening the Preferences or toggling full screen mode temporarily solves the problem.


The graphic enhancement extension “Shades” is installed.


Uninstall Shades or temporarily deactivate it in the OS X System Preferences.

Additional Information

There is a related issue with Live 7 where Live's GUI freezes when loading a Live set which contains certain plugins. The FAW “Circle” plugin was one of the affected plugins. This issue has been fixed with Live 8, but is still present in Live 7.0.18.

See: GUI freezes in Live 7 when loading certain Live sets