Live 1-8: Flanging audio with armed tracks using Send/Return tracks

  • Live Versions: 1 - 8.2.6
  • Operating System: All


Arming a track and using Send and Return tracks creates a flanging audio effect.


This is caused by the so called Playthrough Optimization, a special routing scenario related to Delay Compensation. Live will disable the Delay Compensation for the track, so that the signal can be monitored with the lowest possible latency.
Return tracks are still compensated which results in an audible flanging effect.


  • Turn down the Send(s) on the armed track.
  • Prior to Live 8.2.7 please use the Options.txt entry described in the article on Playthrough Optimization.
  • With Live 8.2.7 the behavior of the Playthrough Optimization has changed. Before Live 8.2.7 it was ON per default and now it defaults to OFF. The option can be toggled via the entry "Reduced Latency When Monitoring" in Live's Options menu.


Enable Play-through Optimization