I would like to save disk space when upgrading to EIC 2. If I choose to remove the EIC 1 samples, will this affect my existing Live Sets?

  • Live Versions: ALL
  • Operating System: ALL

If you like to remove the EIC 1 samples to save disk space, there are two ways to make sure your existing Live Sets using EIC 1 presets will still work:

1. Update your Live Sets to reference the new EIC 2 samples:

  • Install EIC 2 and, when prompted, choose to remove EIC 1 samples.
  • Open the Live Set you wish to update - it should show missing samples for all EIC 1 presets you used in this Live Set.
  • Press the Hot-Swap button in the EIC 1 preset and reload the same preset from the Device Browser. It will now reference the new samples from EIC 2.

2. Run “Collect All and Save” on your Live Set before upgrading:

  • If you want to make sure individual Sets from Live 6 stay unchanged, it is recommended to save the Live Sets as self-contained Projects before upgrading to EIC 2.