Constant crashes at start-up while scanning plug-ins

  • Live Versions: 6 - 8.2.4
  • Operating System: All


Constant crashes at start-up during plug-in scanning.


A big folder was accidentally chosen (e.g. 'C:\') as the 'VST Plug-In Custom Folder'. These folders contain files that are interpreted as third-party plugins.


  • Hold the [ALT] key during the restart of Live → plug-in scanning will be skipped
  • Go to the 'File/Folder' tab in the Live Preferences
  • Choose a suitable 'VST Plug-In Custom Folder' (e.g. dedicated folder named VST plugins)
  • Restart Live → Live should rescan your plug-ins and start

Additional Information

With Live 8.2.5, we now prevent choosing the root of the system hard drive (or the Windows system folders on Windows machines) as the third-party plugin location.